Bloom Series on Film

: Film.

A couple of weeks ago we did the second Bloom Series with Jardine Botanic Floral Styling. These things started out because Lisa loved working with Jardine and just wanted to do something with her. I tagged along because they’re just really fun things to photograph. I can bring along my Contax 645, a few rolls of film, and just take some super colourful shots in a really relaxed environment with people who are really enjoying themselves by getting down and dirty with a few flowers.

We did a blog post about this session on the And a day blog but I thought it’d be worthwhile doing a film-only post here.

I think most of these were Portra 800, but I did try pushing a roll of Fuji 400H to 800 for this. I was pretty disappointed with it though – everything just looked washed out. Not sure if that was the lab or just me, but yeah, won’t be doing that again any time soon.

bloom-series-1 bloom-series-2 bloom-series-3 bloom-series-4 bloom-series-5 bloom-series-6 bloom-series-7 bloom-series-8 bloom-series-9


: Digital.

We’re in the peak of wedding season at the moment. We have something like six between now and Christmas. It’s hectic, but it’s such an amazing feeling looking through the viewfinder, waiting for that moment and squeezing the shutter. The mirror will go up; the viewfinder blank. Your brain is left with that split second of vision persistence of the moment you’re capturing. I love that split second. It’s often enough to tell if you caught what you were after.

Personal photography is slower. You can spend an hour on a single image and still not end up with what you want. It needs time. Investment. I don’t think I’ll have that time properly again until after the wedding season is done, but I do like to try to squeeze in a few personal things where I can.

Here’s a shot from a couple of weeks ago. Love a good silhouette.

On Day Two - Watch


: Digital.

Lisa and I did something a bit different last Friday: we shot a work party for a good friend of mine. These are pretty rare for us because we’re predominantly wedding and portrait photographers, but there was no way we were going to say now once we knew a mechanical bull was involved.

Below are four of my favourite shots. I demand one of these at every future wedding we shoot.

On Day Two - Bullshot 1 On Day Two - Bullshot 2 On Day Two - Bullshot 3 On Day Two - Bullshot 4

Like a really slow phoenix

: Shiny things.

Holy crap. I put my Contax 645 in for repair in February. I got it back yesterday. That’s close to six months of repairing. For those of you not paying attention, I had issues with it underexposing one side of the frame when at 1/4000 sec (most likely due to shutter capping). Even now, the dude at the repair shop tells me that it will probably still do it a little bit. Well that’s just excellent.

Perhaps the hiatus didn’t hurt. I still had the magnificent Mamiya 645, of course, but Lisa had been encouraging me to take a break from film since NYC. In hindsight, that was actually a pretty wise recommendation (she’s a smart lady).

I play it way, way too safe with film. I want to make every shot count and, as a result, I don’t experiment. I’ll only take the shots I know will turn out. This isn’t a great way to grow as a photographer.

The past five months (over wedding season!) have been a great chance to get back into digital and re-learn that releasing the shutter more than once isn’t a bad thing.

That said, I’ve missed the look and feel of film. I miss seeing the mirror go up and knowing I got the shot without succumbing to checking. I miss returning from the lab with pleasant surprises and the occasional self-damnation. It’s fun, in a masochistic sort of way.

On Day Two - Contax 645

I know that the flaking paint looks makes it seem as though it has camera leprosy. I still love you, my little defective leper.

NYC: Top of the Rock

: Film.

Oh I’ve been a bad blogger, haven’t I? Almost a month with no posts. I’m pretty sure they talk about this in “how to keep your non-existent blog audience engaged.”

Anyway, here are some more film shots from our NYC trip. Weddings will start to calm down a bit in a few weeks and after that I should have some more time for new personal work.

On Day Two - NYC Top of the Rock 002 On Day Two - NYC Top of the Rock 001 On Day Two - NYC Top of the Rock 003 On Day Two - NYC Top of the Rock 004


: Digital.

I’ve known Aaron for 15 years. I remember when we finished school together. I remember when he started dating Floss. I remember attending their wedding.

When I learned that they were expecting their first child my first thought was “shit, we’re getting old.” My second thought was about whether it meant that I wouldn’t see them as much; whether our group of friends would further contract as family commitments snatch them away from us.

Lisa and I visited Aaron, Floss and Matilda yesterday. A few of us went, actually. Conversations were had. Decade-old references were made. Jokes were told. Laughter was contagious.

The group isn’t getting smaller. In fact, we’ve opened for a few junior members.

On Day Two - Matilda (1) On Day Two - Matilda (2) On Day Two - Matilda (3) On Day Two - Matilda (4) On Day Two - Matilda (5)